… and then the heavy rainstorm …

The drought in California began in 2012. With the first major storm of the season expected to hit Southern California on Monday, January 8th 2018 evacuations had been ordered for communities below hillsides charred by California’s largest-ever wildfire. Several years of regrowth of the burned plant life will be needed before the watershed in the Thomas Fire burn area is stable. A normally dry creek most of the year can turn it into a raging river of rocks and mud and trees that can damage people’s properties, it can take out roads and it can be a threat to life …

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… and then the Thomas Fire

8 days after the fire started I receive the alert that my apartment is in a voluntary evacuation zone (STB 10) —->

So many acres have burned already, so many firefighters are battling the flames day and night … however the winds were blowing with 65 mph and put a new spin on all predictions.

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Getting into my stride …

My days are filled with teaching … Nia, Yin Yoga, Chair and Gentle Yoga and Yoga Classes with a private client  (and her seeing eye dog Timber who had just an operation and likes to be close to me when I teach).

Furthermore I stay with furry ‘clients’ when their person is gone for a vacation or on business. Returning over and over again establishes a deep connection. I get to practice Animal Communication and apply  Reiki. As of June 4th 2017 I have completed the Shinpiden (Reiki Master Class) and Animal Reiki Teacher Training.

Because animals are energetically sensitive, …

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Finally settled again …

After all the traveling it took a while for me to feel settled again. I love to go places and explore and was missing it. The perfect solution: I’m renting a studio which is conveniently located in downtown Santa Barbara and I house- and pet sit every month for a few days. Slowly I’m getting to know all kinds of neighborhoods in Santa Barbara more intimately, especially when walking the streets with a dog. And I feel like I’m away.  I was taking care of Carly this weekend, img_5103who was a bit puzzled by the puddle. It has been raining …

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Almost Summer Solstice 2016

IMG_1907June Gloom is a southern California term for a weather pattern that results in cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer …

It creates a certain mood and I surely can bundle up, but I have to admit that I prefer balmy weather (sometimes I miss Hawaii where I lived last year). Imagine my surprise exploring Kukio Bay on the Big Island and finding a Matilija Poppy growing out of the lava … a spectacular flowering California native plant … one of my favorites.




True to my bird animal totem ‘the Heron” I …

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Winter Reflections

This was my life about 3 years ago ->Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 6.13.43 PMIMG_6817

<-two years ago in Bali and one year ago in Hawaii!


The winter is spent in lots of reflection about my experiences. The birds are still showing up. The Snowy Egret at the beach, the Heron crossing my path early in the morning and another one literally flying towards my window and then settling on the branch of an Eucalyptus tree.




I do miss traveling and Miss Kitty made me feel better when she curled up to me. Sadly for both of us I moved again … 

We had a …

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On October 28th 2015 I landed in Santa Barbara again. Two years prior to the day I bid farewell to Blue Agave.Gabi_Barysch_Crosbie_WEB For 18 years it had been my livelihood and passion. The doors just closed recently for a new venue to emerge. A big chapter in my life had truly come to an end. Everything is indeed impermanent. However – the connections which were made and the memories I’ll keep!!!

I re-visited Germany, traveled to Bali and lived in intentional communities: OMEGA in Rhinebeck, New York and Kalani, Big Island, Hawaii. I practiced Karma Yoga in the kitchen at

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Santa Barbara, California




Late Fall in Santa Barbara … the light sure is magical!



The beauty is reassuring as I am quite enchanted with San Miguel de Allende. During my three week sojourn I even contemplated living here. I love the cobblestone streets, the little shops, galleries, bakeries, cafes and restaurants. I love the vibrant colors! I stayed in a beautiful house close to a little park and had plenty of time to explore the colonial town … walking the dogs I took care of or by myself. The drivers are polite and give pedestrians the right of way – no traffic …

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