Animal Reiki

I just finished taking a Workshop with Kathleen Prasad. ANIMAL Reiki.jpeg



As of August 2016 I’m also a certified “Light of Avalon” Team Member – A Metaphysical Healing Program for Rescue, Shelter & Zoo Animals.

Balto (who I visit at DAWG) is a 4 year old male Husky, pacing …
until he settles down to receive some Reiki … and to finally relax … yawning.

I visit Kona almost every Sunday at the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary: She loves to talk to me and sometimes we sing.

My first ‘client’- sweet Ollie:

Ollie had an athritic hip - I saw him dozing and tried Reiki on him.

Ollie had an athritic hip which bothered him when he was walking  – I saw him dozing and tried some Reiki.  A day later he plopped down on the rug, asking for more. On the third day he wanted more energy and changed the position of his hind legs – opening his body.




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